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You will not find a more budget friendly and skilled painter in Dubai than us. We specialize in the overall painting of your home or apartment. We strive to give you a smooth and presentable apartment painting so that you can focus on other things.


Apartment Painting – Proficient Painters At Your Dawn

Spruce up your home with a professional painter. Apartment Painters Dubai can help you select from a variety of expert painters, meet their needs and exceed their expectations, and care for your property.

You do not have to worry about the quality of the painting provided for your house, with expert painters around the corner. Hire our most experienced painters in Dubai, who have been providing top quality services for years.

You can trust Maintenance Dubai’s team of proficient apartment painting to provide service at your dawn with all our requisite industrial paint tools. Call us up and get a free quote today!

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Quick and Accessible Apartment Painting Contractor Dubai 

Lousy work and dishonest contractors can cost you plenty. One word of advice when repairing and painting your apartment is to be careful. Apartment painting is no trivial matter; getting it right can make or break a beautiful home.

Our company is one of the leading apartment painting contractor Dubai provider for your apartment and building requirements. With our years of experience in the painting and maintenance industry, we can help you to maintain and improve the look of your apartment interiors and exteriors.

We’ll give you free quotations on your apartment painting project, and you can even decide what day we start the job! Plus, it’s 100% clean and efficient. No scuff marks or paint splatter. We use high-quality water-based paints. So, there’s no smell at all. Our painters are polite, friendly, and always on time!

Apartment Painting in Dubai Strategy

You have a lot of choices for painting your apartment. We’ve outlined a few things to remember when determining the best match for apartment painting in Dubai.

Color Collection

Our painting experts will help you choose the perfect color for your apartment. We’ll consider the paint’s finish and texture, the light in your home, and any other relevant factors. The color scheme for your apartment is significant. We’ve obtained a lot of feedback from our clients that choosing the right color is essential to an effective and pleasing design.

Area Coverage

Our Apartment Painting Procedures effectively identify the larger areas and give you a list of recommended activities. This includes pre-sealing, emulsion paints, exterior wall repair, upholstery cleaning, and fabric protection to protect your flooring with proper sealing.

Wall Prep

Wall prep is the most important step in painting. Wall Prep helps the paint adhere to the surface by cutting through several issues, including old paint and dirt. Our team will clean your walls before the process begins with deglossing agents and sandpaper to remove sharp edges or paint blobs.

Paint Application

A complex process that involves preparation, application, and follow-up! We take special care on this part and ensure every detail is done perfectly. Our comprehensive paint application process ensures the best finish on our projects. We apply a professional grade undercoat and then prime the walls in preparation for a finish coat.

After Paint Cleanup

Cleanup occurs after we finish work while you unpack and move back in. We ensure that the rubbish is upcycled and that paint is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. We leave your apartment completely clean. Whether it’s baseboards, the flooring, or even the window sills! We take care of everything!


Apartment Painting Services Dubai – Paint Areas We Enfold

Many companies charge the same prices for different kinds of work in Dubai. It makes it hard to know what to pay, which makes it harder to trust them.

But with our free instant quotes, we tell you upfront exactly how much paint work you need so that you can do things right the first time. Our quotes are quick and easy to get; you can even book online.

We operate in many places across Dubai and the UAE. We provide apartment painting services dubai for commercial buildings. Our prices are affordable, so you save money without compromising quality.

Whether it is business premises, residential units, or villas, we are the right choice and offer the best service in UAE.

Our contractors do quality work and help you create an appealing interior design that reflects your taste, preferences, and personality. Let us know what we can do for you at our local paint stores, or get a free quote by emailing us!


Exterior House Painting Services with Pro Painters

We give you the best house painting services because we are organized, efficient, and, most important skilled! Save up to 30% when you let us deal with the hard work of painting your home’s exterior.

Call our pro painters today and reduce your hassle. Let us know what you want us to do, and we’ll cover everything else. We’re fully licensed and insured. So, you don’t have to worry about a thing! For top-tier exterior house painting services in Dubai, turn to the premier choice in home painting services!

With us, you can finally say goodbye to painting projects that drive you crazy and restore your peace of mind. This is exactly why we’re Dubai’s most popular exterior house painters!


Our Exterior Paint Concerns at Maintenance in Dubai

It’s time to update your home’s exterior paint job!

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the right exterior paint for your home.



Do you want to highlight the natural beauty of your outdoor space? Or are you looking for something to help the landscape blend in with the house?



Is your home old or new? Does it have a lot of trim and molding, or is it more modern? The architecture of your home will influence what colors look best on its exterior.


Present Colors

If you already have a color on your house that you love, then it’s best to match that instead of trying something new. However, if the existing colors don’t work with the style of your home, then try to find something that complements them instead of clashing with them!


Maintenance in Dubai is the Best Choice for House Painting Services Dubai

Hire a professional house painting services Dubai from Maintenance in Dubai. Our team has all the best tools, equipment, and experience to paint your apartment in no time. We’ll eliminate all the hassle and stress, free you to concentrate on more important things in life.

No matter what kind of apartment you live in, you can choose our apartment paint services to make sure your apartment is painted with the best quality of paint and in the shortest time possible. We offer a range of painting solutions for residential homes, commercial buildings, and much more – whatever your needs are.

Our team has the expertise to handle any size or budget renovation project. We care about everything from design and planning to material selection and application. Our expert painters follow health, safety, and environmental codes to produce high-quality results tailored to your taste and lifestyle – without breaking the bank!


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We offer apartment painting from the best brands to meet your expectations and budget requirements. If you are interested in any of our modern and trendy apartment paints, call or drop us an email today!


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